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Jonathan Furneaux

Welcome to the official website of science fiction and fantasy author Jonathan E. Furneaux. Here you can find his free short stories, as well as updates on his latest novels and other projects.


A mockup of the book "Lessons from the Void". On the front it portrays debris floating through space, and a giant, tentacles space creature. On the back cover is the synposis, and a woman floating through space in a spacesuit.

Lessons from the Void | Book 2: The Lessons Saga

Lessons from the Void is the second novel in the Lessons Saga. It is now available online through Amazon. A war between Earth and Mars is ...
Spirits In Your Area Book Cover

Spirits In Your Area | The Anthology

Spirits In Your Area is an interconnected anthology of urban fantasy stories, mostly set in Australia and Greater Oceania. This collection of stories reimagines classic fairy ...
Mockup Cover Image of Lessons from the Wreckage

Lessons from the Wreckage | Book 1: The Lessons Saga

Prince Du Mon of Mars is a reluctant officer aboard the starship, Socrates. However, he quickly finds himself thrust into danger when pirates kill his best ...

Free Stories

The title image depicts a lady wearing a powersuit. She stands in a blue office of parliament and stares at the viewer with authority. Twin American flags hang from a miniature flagpole inside the office.

Senator Flim Tells All

‘I must compliment you on your choice of venue,’ said journalist Tony Walker. He sipped his turmeric latte and spun ...
Bedside Manner

Bedside Manner

'Bedside Manner' was originally penned for a 100-word microfiction competition. Little Anne woke up screaming. Her forehead glistened as she ...
Image of a bowl of tomato soup with a skull visible in its reflection.

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup is an imaginative response based on the writing style of J. D. Salinger (author of The Catcher in ...
Petrol Station at Night

Sound the Siren

I stopped for petrol at a Shell service station that was nestled beneath the highway overpass. It was midnight, and ...


Emberfall was shortlisted for the Audrey Daybrook Short Story Prize (Round 3, 2019). I kick the side of my griffin-mount, ...
Sky Castle

The Sky Castle

Nobunaga was furious when he saw the sky castle, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on why. He stood ...
Close-up of a camera shutter


You have trapped me. Yes, you. You did this. Without knowing. You've done it a hundred times, to a hundred ...