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Lessons from the Void | Book 2: The Lessons Saga

Lessons from the Void is the second novel in the Lessons Saga. It is due for release on the 20th of April 2021.

A war between Earth and Mars is inevitable.

Five years ago, Prince Du Mon prevented an alien attack on Mars. Now, he has been tasked with taking command of the fleet’s newest starship: a ship grown from the very flesh of the alien that Du Mon killed. The scientists have named this terrifying, living battleship: the Black Tortoise.

Prince Du Mon plans to launch a pre-emptive strike against Earth. However, the Black Tortoise is a starship that isn’t fully understood. Even by its own creators.

To make matters worse, there are whispers of a growing resistance on Mars, who have set their eyes on capturing the Black Tortoise and using it to end the reign of Du Mon’s family.

Lessons from the Void contains the drama, action and thrills of classic military science fiction, but mixes it with modern storytelling and political intrigue.

Set 1,000 years in the future, this saga tells the epic of Martian society. Mars and Earth are locked in a trade war, as each planet tries to establish itself as the dominant power in the solar system.

Prince Du Mon of Mars is an unwilling participant in this solar struggle but is thrust into a starring role when he makes first contact with a terrifying alien species from deep space. Martian society will find itself caught between its war with Earth, and the even deadlier alien civilisations it will encounter.


As with the first book in the series, Lessons from the Void will also be self-published through Amazon and its affiliates.

I’m currently looking into distributors who can publish the paperback in Australia, without demanding my firstborn as payment.

Future Updates

You can follow the progress of this book on its Goodreads page, or occasionally via social media. You can follow me on any of the big social media pages in order to stay in the loop.

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